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Welcome to the Personal Infomediary Center 
your resource for
"personal privacy & identify protection on the Internet"

...and expanding our coverage on patriotism, anti-terrorism legislation, and Internet and private security issues

a division of Personal Technology Enterprises, LLC

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...Striving to be a valuable  Infomediary for resources related to identity protection information and personal privacy issues - on and off the Internet. 


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The foundation upon which the Personal Infomediary Center is built is that of providing a valuable service and central location on the Internet for people to review privacy issues, obtain assistance in gathering information about themselves, restricting the access to it, and maximize the value of that information!

It is time that consumers regain their individual rights to their personal data, are rewarded for sharing that information with others, and are guaranteed privacy of their personal information. Our goal: Helping you to protect and manage your personal data, learn the latest in privacy issues and tips, and to connect you with resources that will aid you in this endeavor.

Written in the historic case Olmstead v. United States in 1928, Justice Louis Brandeis wrote: "The right to be left alone is the most comprehensive of rights, and the right most valued by a free people." Protecting that right is at the core of what we hope to accomplish with the Personal Infomediary Center.

We encourage you to return often to our site, sign up for our email survey results and to ongoing updates to privacy and Infomediary issues important to each of us. We value your visits, comments and sharing of information. Your privacy is paramount - trust in us to help you keep it!

Thank you for visiting, please return often.

The Staff and family at Personal Technology Enterprises, LLC

P.S. We are continuing to expand the scope of our site and its content. Thanks to your input, we continue to enhance the services we are providing (and plan to provide). Thank you!

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The Personal Infomediary Center is still very much a work in progress, please visit us often to see our new postings, privacy-related information and links, and new patriotism pages and web sites.

REAL ID Act of 2005

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